Our Pastoral Offer and Inclusion Team

Our Pastoral Team

Holybrook’s pastoral team includes Mrs Horsman, Mr Neen, Miss Jackson and Elvis the dog.

Mrs Horsman





Mr Neen





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At Holybrook, we recognise the importance of the wider curriculum to our children. This includes teaching children how to manage difficulties and challenges they face. We offer a wide range of sessions for children on a wide range of issues.

Mr Neen and Mrs Horsman work with all age groups and can offer support to children who need help with:

  • self-esteem
  • building resilience
  • friendships
  • understanding and regulating difficult feelings
  • developing social and communication skills
  • managing their anxiety
  • developing listening and attention
  • coping with bereavement
  • understanding how to stay safe
  • managing their anger and frustration

Holybrook’s pastoral team offer support to children on either a 1:1 basis or in a group and Miss Jackson, as SENDCo, oversees the pastoral timetable which changes every term.

Teachers can refer children in their class for pastoral support or children can refer themselves via the ‘Chatterbox’ if they need to chat to Mrs Horsman because they are feeling sad or worried. Elvis, our school dog, is an excellent listener and often helps Mrs Horsman in her 1:1 sessions as he makes children feel at ease.

Our pastoral team have had training to deliver effective nurture groups, as well as other recognised social, emotional and mental health interventions such as Lego Therapy and Zones of Regulation.

If you feel that your child might need pastoral support, please speak to your child’s teacher or Miss Jackson who would be happy to help.

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